Become a video editor

The Postproduction Full Certificate is for people who understand storytelling basics and happily embrace new technologies. In this series of online classes taught by expert instructors, you’ll develop the skills to use image and sound to create an emotional response from viewers, tell an unforgettable story and organize messaging in a powerful way. Get baseline practical knowledge to land a job as an editor, assistant editor or postproduction supervisor. Learn the industry tips and workflows of Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve, as well as the basics of audio postproduction, color correction and dip your motion graphic toes into Adobe After Effects. Editors that can deliver motion graphics along with video editing know how to effectively explain a process, an idea or simply add interest to the story. Video editors earn $300 – $750/day and would rather work in a darkened room hour after hour than schmooze with VIPs at the beach. Includes BAVC Media membership for one year.

$4,390.00 | 136 hours total