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Social Media Marketing

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Understanding how to use social media to build an audience or customer base is now essential knowledge for marketers, independent creatives, and businesses of any size. In this class, we’ll go over the basic components of a successful digital marketing campaign and then we’ll study the culture, algorithm, and mechanics of sharing content on each of today’s top four social platforms: YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram. Here's an overview of topics covered in BAVC's Social Media Marketing intensive: 

Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • Creating a social media marketing plan
  • Conducting an assets inventory
  • How to develop your brand’s story
  • Creating a customer profile
  • Where does your website fit in?

Youtube Marketing

  • How YouTube works
  • Best practices for channel set up: artwork, description, tags, copy
  • Advanced settings that affect SEO
  • How to research in your niche
  • Building a YouTube community
  • YouTube analytics

TikTok Marketing

  • How TikTok works
  • How to get started using TikTok
  • Exploring the TikTok hashtag game
  • Video editing using TikTok’s tools
  • TikTok analytics

Facebook Marketing

  • Understanding your options: Facebook profile, page, groups
  • Setting up and managing a Facebook page for a business or organization
  • Facebook Business Manager ovevriew
  • Walkthrough of how to setup a Facebook ad campaign

Instagram Marketing

  • Finding your aesthetic
  • Creating your profile
  • Posts, stories, highlights, reels, IGTV
  • Hashtags: how to research hashtags & how to use hashtags
  • How to be strategic with tagging and comments
  • Building an Instagram community
  • Creating an Instagram ad campaign

PLEASE NOTE: this Bay Area Social Media Marketing Class is now taught ONLINE using zoom and accessible everywhere!



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