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Social Media Campaign Strategy

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Whether you are launching a new product, service or program or getting the word out about an event, social cause, or candidate, social media is the way to engage with your audience. So how do you make the best use of the platforms available and what are the coolest ways to create engaging social media campaigns? You don’t need to be a millennial marketing manager to produce a successful campaign that captures the public’s attention and garners the support you need. Learn the tips and tricks in this Introduction to Social Media Campaign Strategy!

Topics Covered:

  • Differentiate between the types of social media platforms available and their specific benefits and features.
  • Connect your content to the platform that best conveys your message.
  • Learn tools to manage a social media campaign across multiple platforms.
  • Manage a social media campaign with multiple accounts and forms of media (video, photo, text, etc.) while maintaining a unified message.
  • Gain strategies that successful social media campaigns use to engage audiences.
  • Apply analytics to measure the level of audience engagement with your social media campaign.

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