Editing Fellowship Fall 2024


BAVC Media is offering a paid editing fellowship and lab program in partnership with PG&E. BAVC Media will provide an opportunity for in-depth professional development to aspiring editors from underrepresented communities while supporting social impact storytelling and content creation.

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Deadline to apply is Monday, July 8 at 11:59PM PT. Early applications are strongly encouraged.

Offerings & Structure

  • Three to four fellows will be selected to train as assistant editors over the course of a four-month program. The fellows will hone their craft and build experience through the editing of professional video pieces, with a focus on stories that highlight PG&E grantees and supported communities. They will work in a professional editing lab with industry-standard equipment for 30 hours each month.
  • Each fellow will receive a stipend of $5,000 and emerge from the program with enhanced skills, expanded portfolios, and strong connections to new mentors and peers.
  • Two mentors with substantial professional editing experience will offer hands-on guidance and BAVC Media’s Advanced Training staff will provide program oversight.
  • Through a collaborative process, beginning with assessment of footage for each project, the fellows and mentors will establish a realistic editing schedule before developing their ability to perform certain skills, such as: efficiently log and organize footage; code, sync, and export that footage; transcribe interviews; upload materials; maintain hard drives; and prep deliverables.
  • Fellows will then build towards more creative tasks, working in collaboration with each other and mentors to cut and polish scenes for PG&E partner spotlight videos.
  • Mentors and BAVC staff will lead broader career workshops for fellows on subjects such as growing their professional networks, identifying job opportunities, interviewing effectively, and building their portfolios on an ongoing basis.
  • Fellows will also engage in formal classroom training, site visits, and other professional development opportunities to enhance their soft and hard skills.

Primary outputs

  • A series of compelling videos highlighting the work of PG&E community-based partners and grantees. The approximate number and length of these videos will be determined at the outset of the project by PG&E and BAVC Media staff.
  • New and expanded skill sets for fellows in areas that range from transcription and timecoding to creating assemblies and polishing scenes.
  • Stronger career-readiness skills for fellows in areas such as building professional networks, finding and working with creative collaborators, and interviewing for promising job opportunities.
  • Expanded portfolios for each participant, with the addition of new professional pieces created during the fellowship program.

Eligibility & Criteria

  • All applicants should be interested in pursuing editing as a full-time career and interested in participating in a cohort-type/peer-learning environment.
  • The fellowship aims to serve as a pre-apprenticeship program, preparing adult participants to become assistant editors on independent productions or commercially as the next step on their path to sustainable editing careers.
  • Attention to detail, ability to communicate clearly and proactively, and a highly collaborative approach.
  • Availability to commit 30 hours (on average) each month for four-month duration of program.
  • Working knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Familiarity with video and audio formats and the equipment they run on.
  • Overall knowledge of Macs or PCs, and multimedia software.
  • Ideally, fellowship applicants are past participants of BAVC Media or another film and media organization or program, who possess at least entry-level facility with video production and post-production.

Expected time commitments

  • Fellowship will occur between the first week of August and December 13, 2024
  • Fellows will meet with their mentors 2x a week, in-person, at the BAVC office in San Francisco. Meeting times are as follows:
  • Every Thursday, 1:30-3:30pm
  • Every Friday, 3-6pm
  • Fellows are expected to be available in-person for at least 2-3 weekends, TBD, mostly occuring in August through October, to attend the following Advanced Training classes:
    • Aesthetics of Editing – Saturday, August 24 (in-person, 10-6pm)
    • Premiere Pro: Introduction – Saturday & Sunday, August 17-18 (in-person, 10-6pm)
    • Audio Post-production: Introduction – Saturday, September 14 (in-person, 10-6pm)
    • DaVinci Resolve: Introduction (asynchronous)
    • DaVinci Resolve: Color Correction – date TBD
  • Attendance at all in-person activities is mandatory, multiple absences may result in reduced stipend.
  • Fellows are also expected to be available on occasional weekday evenings (remotely), outside of mentor sessions, to attend Advanced Training classes (listed above) or for other professional development activities
  • Summary of important dates fellows must be available:
    • Thursdays, 1:30-3:30pm, weekly (in-person)
    • Fridays, 3-6pm, weekly (in-person)
    • Wednesday, July 31 (remotely, 5-6pm)
    • Friday, August 9 (in-person, 12-1:30pm)
    • Saturday & Sunday, August 17-18 (in-person, 10-6pm)
    • Saturday, August 24 (in-person, 10-6pm)
    • Saturday, September 14 (in-person, 10-6pm)
    • Friday, December 13 (in-person, 1-2:30pm)

Application timeline

  • Monday, July 8 @ 11:59PM PT: Application closes
  • BAVC Media will begin reviewing applications late June and select applicants will be invited to complete a short interview with Advanced Training staff
  • Wednesday, July 17: Last day of applicant interviews
  • Friday, July 19: Fellows will have been notified of acceptance into the program
  • Week of July 22: Selected fellows confirm participation in fellowship
  • Wednesday, July 31: Fellow Orientation
  • Friday, August 9: In-person kick-off event @ BAVC office in San Francisco

Have any questions? Please contact us at edu@bavc.org

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