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Learn the ins and outs of developing and producing a series with Chris Martin (Production Manager, Sorry to Bother You).

About this event

Creating a great series not only needs a sparkling script but a showrunner who can make it come to life. From Game of Thrones to Insecure, it is up to the showrunner to craft the story then bring it into production and post. Thanks to their unique position in the writer’s room and the producer’s chair, the showrunner is a critical role in any episodic project.

This three-part class will cover the basic steps to bring your script from page to screen. We’ll go through industry-standard procedures: scheduling, budgeting, casting, finding locations, hiring crew, and other logistical planning to keep your production focussed, safe, and legal.

Whether this is your first project, or you’ve spent time on set before, this intensive will be an important guide for how to produce a series and what production really looks like in today’s industry.


Dates: July 1, July 8, July 15

Times: 5:30-7:30pm PST with optional “office hours” until 8:00pm, and a mid-session break

Location: Online

Who is this for? These sessions are designed for filmmakers, actors, writers and other creatives interested in learning fundamentals of producing episodics (television, web series, and other digital formats) in a supportive digital community space.

Instructor: Chris Martin


July 1

Part 1: Understanding how episodics work – what does it mean to plan for multiple slices of a single story in the real world?

  • The role of the show runner; the five phases of live action – what does it mean to move a script from development through post-production and final delivery / distribution? What’s needed and expected in each phase?
  • Crewing up – roles responsibilities and hierarchies of the set – who’s in charge?
  • The Sweet Spot Intro – Is your script ready?
  • Looking ahead: what are some of the decisions we should be considering once we have a good working draft


July 8

Part 2: From Script to Production – A non-creative but creatively critical look at your script as you consider production and post-production.

  • Script Analysis and Breakdown
  • Getting down to it: Introducing the Budget and the Schedule. Putting what you know about your script into real world terms: Time, Money and Quality.
  • Finding your cast, scouting and securing locations
  • Heading into Production: Getting the most out of prep.


July 15

Part 3: Managing Production and Post-Production

  • Production Do’s and Don’ts: call sheets, improvising the schedule. What are the questions you’ll ask yourself every day?
  • From Production to Post-Production. What to expect in the phases Post covers (editorial, sound, VFX / finishing). Aren’t you glad you have money left over
  • The Business: permits, agreements, contracts, releases. The paperwork.
  • More business: legalities, licenses, plus resources for royalty free assets.
  • Safety Meeting: Safety first and safety last. No dumb questions.
  • Is it a wrap yet? So how’s your project now? Trouble-shooting and brainstorming.


Chris Martin is a producer, line producer, and writer with over twelve years experience in film, television, and commercials. A producer of five theatrical and documentary projects, and an Independent Spirit John Cassavetes Award nominee, his credits include Sorry to Bother You, 55 Steps, La Mission, Pushing Dead, Test, The Heartbreak Kid, Mistress of Spices, CBS’ Alive, ESPN’s Bonds on Bonds, Sundance Channel’s Big Ideas for a Small Planet, and Discovery Channel’s I (Almost) Got Away With It. A participant in the 2017 Cannes Marché du Film Producers Network he is twice finalist to the Sundance Institute Producer’s Lab.


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