I got my start at BAVC: Yeelen Cohen

Published On: December 22, 2022 |
Stories from our community

For 45 years we have been opening doors for emerging media makers and professionals in the Bay Area, through training, artist development, apprenticeships, funding and more.

As we look forward to 2023 and celebrate the work we’ve done, we asked members of our community to share how BAVC Media has impacted their careers.

Check out 2022 MediaMaker Fellow, Yeelen Cohen’s BAVC story below!

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How did you come across BAVC Media?

I first heard of BAVC Media in 2012, when I was a student at CCSF. My partner Jazmin, was working as a TA at the factory and told me about this program Bridges, a 19-25 fellowship for young media professionals. I did the program and absolutely loved it! One of the highlights of the Bridges was the opportunity to intern for the legendary Cheryl Dunye.

What doors did BAVC Media open for you?

BAVC Media ended up hiring me to work at their public access channel SF Commons, where I fell in love with a wonderful community of passionate local media makers, and saw the impact and power of making film and video accessible to the public.

Where are you now in your media-making career?

After the BAVC saga I went on to finish undergrad in New York, I’ve recently settled back in the Bay Area, where I’m actively working on two documentary projects and it’s been so great to circle back with BAVC Media and being a part of their MediaMaker Fellowship and being supported by them at this stage of my career.

Describe something meaningful about your experience with BAVC Media.

It was such a joy to be a part of the media maker fellowship, being able to meet the filmmakers in person allowed us to bond as a family and support each other along the way. I’m grateful for BAVC Media for creating a space for experimentation and community.

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