Introducing a new BAVC Media program: VERSED

Published On: August 8, 2022 |

We are thrilled to announce a new BAVC Media program: VERSED, a series of hybrid workshops, hands-on labs, virtual and in-person trainings for media makers to skill up, spark and sustain careers in the media arts on a free or below-market basis. Led by BAVC Media’s Director of Community Engagement, Isa Nakazawa, VERSED is made possible through the generous funding of the National Endowment for the Arts. All programs will be facilitated by passionate and seasoned working artists from diverse backgrounds.

VERSED kicks off Monday, August 22nd at KQED in San Francisco. Come learn about the art of audio in a unique series of workshops for all skill levels! Whether you’re a content creator, podcaster or professional audio engineer, you will skill up in everything from studio recording, mixing and signal flow to mic design and understanding audio softwares (+ much more)

Join us on Monday, August 22nd 6-8pm at KQED for a hands-on workshop led by BAVC Media’s own Preservation Manager and Audio Learning Specialist, Kelley Coyne. Turn your home/office-recorded sound into a professional work of art. This unique BAVC Media workshop will lead you through all of the steps you need in order to create your own audio masterpiece. Learn to record high quality audio and make the most impact with your home recording gear.

All levels are welcome! You don’t need any experience to join us. This class will cover:

  • Science of Sound, critical listening, using our ears
  • Mic Design and application
  • Signal flow – Interfaces, microphones and computer software (DAWs)
  • Acoustics – setting up your room for optimum sound quality
  • Signal Processing

Please note: this class will also include weekly zoom office hours a month after because troubleshooting and technology mishaps will happen! Swing by the office hours and we will figure it out together.

No one will be turned away for lack of funds! Email for further information and assistance.

This workshop is presented by BAVC Media and KQED

*Pizza and an assortment of non-alcoholic beverages will be provided (for free)*

Stay tuned for more VERSED events coming Summer-Winter of 2022! We have in-person and virtual workshops on audio mixing, audio for recording artists and a complimentary series on video for content creators up next.