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Transmission is a community-focused program that will air on Public Access channel 76 and stream live on the web. This new public arts and storytelling program is funded by the City of San Francisco and curated by the Bay Area Video Coalition. It champions the pioneering work of community arts organizations, and aspires to preserve and promote the colorful, authentic voices of the city.

BAVC currently has the funding to work with a handful of hand-picked cultural arts partners. Each organization receives a finite amount of monthly support documenting and promoting the organization’s cultural arts programming. Currently, the services that Transmission offers it’s partners include: sending videographers to live events, facilitating digital storytelling opportunities, and taking pre-recorded content and uploading it to SF Commons.

Current Transmission partners include:

  • SOMArts
  • Litseen
  • Quiet Lightning
  • The Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts
  • 826 Valencia
  • Red Poppy Art House
  • Sunset Youth Services

Transmission airs locally on Cable channel 76, on the second Friday of every month at 8pm. There is also an encore broadcast on the third Monday of the month at 6:30pm. Transmission can be contacted via BAVC’s Community Media Producer, Kristian Melom.


Current Episode


Episode 13: Autumn Moon Festival

This month's Transmission Featuring San Francisco public access television - SF Commons, Autumn Moon Festival, and senior citizens through the Institute on Aging learn the art of graffiti from LA artist Man One.  

Past Episodes See all

Transmission Episode 12
Episode 12: Black Lives Matter

This month's Transmission featuring Black Lives Matter, Moving Words, and work from BAVC's Factory, presenting films produced by Bay Area youth


Transmission Episode 11
Episode 11: SF Pride

This month's Transmission featuring SF Pride Parade, Institute on Aging's LGBT Senior Prom, and BAVC's advanced youth filmmaking program, The Factory.


Transmission Episode 10
Episode 10: Beyond the Blues

This month's Transmission Featuring Beyond the Blues, The News at SOMArts, and work from Upstart Records, the youth-run record label and digital arts program run by Sunset Youth Services  


Transmission Episode 09
Episode 9: Cultural Expression

This month's Transmission Featuring Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival, Emory Douglas - Minister of Culture for the Black Panthers presenting his work to the Bridges Fellowship at BAVC, and Moving Words- a collaboration between the men in the Resolve to Stop the Violence Project (RSVP). 


Transmission Episode 8
Episode 8: Artists Inside

This month's Transmission Featuring poets, writers, musicians, movers, visual artists and storytellers who practice and engage with art within the prison industrial complex. 


Transmission Episode 7
Episode 7: A Tribute to Dia de los Muertos

This month's Transmission is a tribute to Dia de los Muertos featuring the work of René Yañez, Loco Bloco, SOMArts and Gathering the Embers.  


Transmission Episode 6
Episode 6: For the Next Generation

This month Transmission proudly features short films focusing on climate change made by students in The Factory this summer as part of their Community Filmmaking Partnership with the San Francisco Public Utilities Comission. Next is a segment from Beyond the Blues featuring musician Marcus Shelby, San Francisco school board member Matt Haney, and Bayview filmmaker Kevin Epps sharing great insights on the local school system and how it handles suspension rates. Following that are the thoughtful and hilarious young writers from 826 Valencia's Young Writers Workshop.  


Transmission Episode 5: Naima and Marcus
Episode 5: Radical Thinkers, Shakers and Movers - Part 2

Part two of Transmission's survey of thinkers, shakers and movers features a dynamic range of locals and organizations from around the Bay, including artists, activists, young authors, musicians, and poets from Beyond the Blues, SOMArts, 826 Valenica and elsewhere.


Transmission Episode 4: Sunset Youth Services
Episode 4: Radical Thinkers, Shakers and Movers - Part 1

Part one of Transmission's survey of thinkers, shakers and movers features a dynamic range of locals and organizations from around the Bay including: Emory Douglas, Minister of Culture for the Black Panthers; a sketch duo's sly take on boy band nostalgia at SOMArts; and a youth-produced segment that focuses on the work Sunset Youth Services is doing at SoMA West's skatepark. 


Transmission Episode 3: Maw Shein Win
Episode 3: Women Heard Around the Bay

From revealing spoken word to uplifting hip-hop, this episode of Transmission features an all-star cast of female poets, musicians, storytellers, comedians and performers from around the Bay Area.