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TRANSMISSION Episode 8 Program List  – December 2015

ARTISTS INSIDE : Featuring poets, writers, musicians, movers, visual artists and storytellers who practice and engage with art within the prison industrial complex.

Segment 1
Here / Now (00:50)
The following digital stories grew out of a 14 week collaboration between men in Resolve to Stop the Violence Project (RSVP), majors in the USF Performing Arts and Social Justice Department and the Bay Area Video Coalition. The class was an opportunity to develop and create personal artistic expressions, using one’s own voice and style in music, movement, writing, theater and visual images.

Segment 2
Borderlands (22:00)
On Mothers Day 2015, Naima Shalhoub and her band went into the Women's County Jail
in San Francisco to perform a concert celebratingall the Mothers who are incarcerated and the 
enduring strength of sisterhood.  This is a behind-the-scenes concert film featuring
highlights from the 1 hour performance.

Segment 3
Here / Now –  part 2 (34:10)

Segment 4
SF Stories (53:56)
With support from the James Irvine Foundation's Exploring Engagement Fund, BAVC Media collaborated with Recovery Survival Network to provide storytelling workshops to San Francisco-based individuals who might not otherwise have the opportunity to tell their personal, important stories. The workshops, called SF Stories: A Shared Experience, teach participants the technical and creative tools for creating a digital story on their own from start to finish.

Here is a collection of stories from three women who are currently incarcerated at the San Francisco County Jail.