Online learning doesn’t have to be lonely and boring

Published On: April 8, 2020 |
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Are you an in-person learner? Me too. I like to focus on the instructor, get all my questions answered and see what everyone else is making. Plus? Spy on the competition, er, meet new people. Sometimes it’s hard to give up a whole weekend, though, and that’s why I’m excited about BAVC Media’s new flipped training.

Here’s how it works. Our instructors are taking their core information and condensing it into short, to-the-point nuggets of golden wisdom in the form of video episodes, which will be available to you. Grasp the info on your own time, at your own speed. Oh, and we’ll have graphs and photos and links and all that other good stuff, too. And exercises! Yay for exercises!

But here’s why it’s flipped. Instead of learning the tools with an instructor and then making a project on your own time, we’re adopting some key educational guidelines. Turns out there’s great value in absorbing the core info through pre-recorded video, checking in on #slack with your fellow students and then using the time with the instructor in a group session at BAVC Media (virtually or in-person) to work on a project together. Get your questions answered. See what everyone else came up with. Those sessions will be about 2-3 hours long, and put all together, they’ll be equal to a BAVC Media one-day class.

Forget taking notes. Are we going to use Zoom? Probably. All the kids are doing it and we might, too (still working that part out). We’ll have a way for you to “raise your hand,” chat questions, track answers, meet your colleagues and get the whole session emailed to you afterwards. You can start your own little library.

Do it your way. Just want the pre-recorded content? Done. Want to skip the core episodes and just join the live sessions? Bob’s your uncle. Want to stick to the old way and take classes in person on the weekend? Consider yourself enrolled.

We’re not stopping there, though. For folks who don’t have access to Adobe Creative Cloud, we’re figuring out how to share software, production gear and computer labs. Because, in our 44th year, BAVC Media remains committed to bringing tech to storytellers. In 1976 it was a portapak camera. In 2020 it’s an app no one’s dreamt up before yesterday.

Stay tuned — more info about BAVC Media training will hit your inbox in the very near future. Got an idea for us? Email We’re all ears.

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Introducing Last Gal Standing

Last Gal Standing refers to Mindy, the staff member who has worked at BAVC Media the longest (21 years) and when she tells you she has some stories, you best believe there’s an R-rated doozy or two in there. If you asked her why she stayed at BAVC Media so long she’ll always say it’s the people. The people who work here and the people who come here. From 14-year olds to 72-year olds, she’s interested in meeting all of them, listening to their stories and making sure they get what they come for. Mindy says, “My favorites are the curious ones. People who examine are people who want to understand, and understanding is the juice of life.” Her motto is, ya never know. We’re up in the belly of that beast right now. We’ll learn to adapt, though. We always do.