Our vision for a Bay Area media hub

Published On: May 16, 2023 |

Dear friends, supporters, and colleagues,

We recently moved into a new space at the Ninth Street Independent Film Center in the heart of SoMa.

We did this to follow a vision: create a Bay Area media hub where makers can gather to produce new work, form connections, preserve community memories, and build their skills through hands-on practice.

Across our many programs, we are offering in-person workshops to young people, emerging makers, and established professionals; convening documentary fellows from throughout the Bay Area and across the country; establishing a local media archive and preservation lab that will be open to the public; and hosting storytellers in our studio to showcase their work on cable television and digital platforms.

We are also transforming Ninth Street into a vibrant space for our community to gather. Just last month, we welcomed 250 media makers to our building to connect with each other, BAVC Media staff, and our peer organizations.

We are passionate about leveraging our new space, talented team, and amazing network to offer a growing number of in-person programs and gatherings for the media maker community.

But we need your help to get there.

By supporting BAVC Media today, you will be directly supporting an inspiring, hands-on space that puts the Bay Area film community more firmly on the map while furthering the careers and aspirations of talented makers. Providing artistic and career support is particularly pressing at this moment in time, when artists and arts organizations are facing a precarious economic and industry landscape.


How can you support BAVC Media?



Explore our upcoming video and audio production classes, available in-person and virtually.


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Make a tax-deductible donation to contribute to our community space and programs.


Luckily, we can take on this challenge together. With our community behind us, we can capitalize on our momentum and create the media center we have long dreamed of. We hope you join us on that journey!


Thank you for your consideration and generosity,

Paula Smith Arrigoni

Executive Director