Shri Aarushi Inc

Aarushi Gupta

About the Show: The show will display Indian classical dance, Kathak. Aarushi Gupta will show dance, acting, fashion, figure skating, music, and a metamorphosis of Art and artistic caliber, a song from with in. With double Masters and honorary awards, Aarushi Gupta, a dance artist, actor, director, producer and filmmaker, as a radiant first ray of sun, Shri Aarushi, outshines the artistic god gifted blessing. CEO of Shri Aarushi Inc, envisions to spread the vibgyor refraction through her prismatic aura. Youngest in India and the World to achieve the honorable UP Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in 2001. Very first in her own, created the North Indian Classical dance ’Kathak’ on Skates in National roller skating championship in India creating history to make it an event in the later array of National events. In 2005, she achieved the National Fine Arts Award in USA. Achieving a World Humanitarian Award 2017 for her film in Bali Indonesia accentuates the silver lining.

When to Watch: Every Tuesday at 4:30am on channel 29

On the Air Since: 2/2017