Alcee H. Walker

Alcee H. Walker, an acclaimed filmmaker and founder of a film production company, Chasing My Dreams Film Group. He is known for his thought-provoking films and is committed to empowering young talents in both the film and music spheres. Holding an MFA in Social Documentary and a MPS in Directing from the School of Visual Arts, Walker has garnered recognition for his compelling work, including his award-winning documentary “Pain of Love,” honored by the Directors Guild of America. His films “Inferno” and “Child Support” have also earned accolades from the DGA. Through his unfiltered storytelling, Walker tackles diverse social issues, fostering dialogue and provoking change. He leverages his films not only as a tool for education but also as a platform to engage youth and ignite meaningful conversations. Alcee H. Walker stands as a dedicated filmmaker amplifying marginalized voices and championing social consciousness.