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Carla Laser

Carla Laser is a UW Madison BA English Literature graduate. She earned a digital design certificate from the SF Center for Electronic Arts. Her work focuses on design media for a worldwide clientele. In 1996, Carla Laser founded the San Francisco Bicycle Ballet. It continues to thrive as a philanthropic community gem. In 2000, Carla Laser joined the SFBMA Cognition and has now published up to the 103rd issue and counting. Carla Laser began providing weekly content on her Public Access Television show, Bicycles! East Coast West Coast Bike Stuff in February 2004. Laser holds Broadcast and Final Cut editing certificates from BAVC Media's great instructors.

About the ShowBicycles! East Coast West Coast Bike Stuff is about Community and Street.

On the Air Since: 2/2/2004

When to Watch: 12pm Saturdays on Channel 29