Christian Figueroa

Christian Figueroa is a native of El Salvador where he witnessed first hand the ravages of the civil war. Images of this armed conflict inspired him to confront social issues through art and cinema. He has produced documentary films in the U.S., Cuba, China, Italy, and El Salvador. His work deals with notions of cultural identity, trauma, and memory representations. He holds an MFA in Cinema Production from San Francisco State University and works as an educator in San Francisco, California.

Flowers of May represents the memories of the Sumpul River massacre. This human rights violation occurred at the beginning of the Salvadoran Civil War. According to witnesses, the National Army and paramilitary groups executed in cold-blood at least six hundred defenseless civilians. The film excavates and recovers testimonials from survivors, aiming at becoming part of the process of building the collective memory of El Salvador by positing a subversion of the official history of the country.