Brittany Shyne

Brittany Shyne is a writer, director and producer. Her works analyze race, gender and culture seeking to examine the complexity of the human experience. Shyne received a MFA in Documentary Media from Northwestern University and a BFA in Motion Pictures from Wright State University. Her directorial work includes “Painted Lady” which screened at BlueStocking Film Series, Starz Denver Film Festival, BlackStar Film Festival, Atlanta Film Festival, Pan African Film Festival, Citizen Jane Independent Women Film Festival and others.

Seeds is an ethnographic and sensitive portrait of a centennial African American farm in Thomasville, Georgia. Using lyrical black and white imagery this meditative film examines the decline of generational black farmers and the significance of owning land. As one of the few African-American centennial farms left in the nation, “Seeds” hones onto this notion of reconciling an identity within a place though visual symbolism.