Clarke Lyons

Award-winning, Director / Producer / Screenwriter Clarke Lyons is a Baltimorean Filmmaker who received her B.A. from Temple University in the Film & Media Arts and her Dual-Masters in Business & Writing for Film & Television from Johns Hopkins University. Lyons is a storyteller emphasizing the value of perspective and how human nature deals with trauma while challenging stereotypes. To date, she has won four fellowships, been awarded multiple grants, been featured in several publications and is currently Co-Directing / Co-Producing the Feature Film, Squeegee.


While Baltimore continues to struggle with the reputation of being one of the most dangerous cities in America, there is a presence on Baltimore’s street corners causing a city-wide debate. “Squeegee kids,” kids that wash car windows at stoplights in exchange for tips, have a unique hustle. In this unforgiving town, four kids struggle to survive as they enter adulthood.