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Dee Dee TV

Dee Dee Lefrak

Dee Dee TV was founded and created by husband and wife art team of Dee Dee Russell Lefrak and the recently deceased Richard Lefrak way back in 1995 and immediately was a hit due to the womanist perspective.

The mission of the show is to give a rare perspective of arts and life from a child-free (now widowed) biologically female satirist, humorist and long time citizen of San Francisco.

From psycho-dramatic home grown animation to a never ending display of naked “freaks” there is only one Dee Dee TV.

About the Show: The Lefraks present a satirical funny raw and cartoony entertainment show about a straight (child-free) Black “sexist womanist bohemian” woman living in San Francisco. Dee Dee Lefrak is the host and behind the scene workhorse. Dee Dee TV has won a number of awards including Best Of San Francisco from the SF Weekly. Over 500 weekly episodes!

On the Air Since: 4/14/2015

When to Watch: 11pm Saturdays on Channel 29