Gary Gregerson

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Gary Gregerson

Gary Fembot was born in 1965 in Illinois and headed for the hills of San Francisco in 1989. He is a late bloomer; since 1991, he has been making up for lost time by learning how to play music in bands (Sta-Prest, Feelings on a Grid, Puce Moment), performing in underground theater (Sick and Twisted Players), dj’ing (The Clap!), writing zines (Fembot), and producing short films (Mondo Bottomless, The Willows, AIDS Camp, Together People).

About the Show(s): Gary Fembot produces a number of “Specials” featuring Bibi Brioche and showcasing short films (More Mind Games with Bibi Brioche, nanobites), music videos (Bibi and the Beat) and a tee-vee dance party (danseparc).

On the Air Since: 1/1/2005

When to Watch: Specials air at varying times on Channels 29 and 76