Mister WA presents

Mister WA

Musician, performer and videographer Mister WA has been mixing music, playing bass, producing and promoting events since his 1997 Cornfield landing in Chicago-area Community Radioland. He followed his natural affinities for Maverick Artforms, self-expression and Theatre of the Ridiculous West to San Francisco, where he put down his backpack and settled in 2000. As he progressively learned all aspects of video production, his mission developed into documenting and promoting the Bay Area performing Arts goldmine via his YouTube Channel. With this show, Mister WA is presenting to locals, and the world, the irreverant traditions and communities which he believes are pushing REAL people’s culture forward and making a difference in the way we inhabit our worlds.

About the ShowMister WA presents explores our rich tapestry of local artists, craftsmen and makers whose hard work and creative visions are only marginally represented in the media. Performers will mostly be presenting insights about Premiering productions which audiences are invited to go out and enjoy LIVE in the Bay Area. Viewers may watch the show LIVE on Channel 76 or find edited versions enhanced with Mister WA field footage and archives on www.misterwa.com/tv-show

On the air since: 5/8/2015

When to Watch: 5pm Second and Fourth Fridays on Channel 76 (LIVE) and 11:30pm Saturdays on Channel 29 (re-runs)