Uncharted Program Manager 

Nanami Yokota

Nanami Yokota is an international student studying film. She was born in Japan, moved to the Philippines when she was eight, and is in her 3rd year at San Francisco’s California College of the Arts. During her time at CCA, she’s become interested in production management. Ideally, she would love to be a project manager for animated films, which she feels have served as a way for her to keep in touch with her Japanese heritage and culture and plans to dive deeper into the influence of Asian American culture through animation.

Artist Statement:

“Since the pandemic began, I noticed myself using the question “how are you?” more cautiously. As if the question suddenly had a heavier burden to answer and more challenging to reply to our canned answers of “good” or “I’m fine.” So many different causes of our anxiety and so few communal spaces to express them.

To me, This project is cathartic to both the creator and viewer. Filled with intimacy and vulnerability, Uncharted is an outlet for raw feelings and experiences.”