Psychic Frank Heals

Psychic Frank

Frank Malinaro is 67. On September 19, 1982 he was very sick and close to death, and not necessarily sad about it, when quite by accident he had a genuine out of body experience that totally transformed his entire existence: “I was surrounded by meaning and freed from the despair of meaninglessness, guilt and time. I was elevated to a state of pure, simple, existence and deeper within all existence while feeling more and more at peace and content.” This quote from Dr.Larry Dossey’s book ‘One Mind’ comes closest to describing where Frank went. Post that experience Frank discovered he was a psychic/healer.

About the Show: We take calls from viewers. They give their name & date of birth and get a numerological and astrological run down for that current day and a ‘lay of the land’ for that year. Once we get a fix on their energy, I use the tarot cards and see what messages come through for them. ( I use ‘we’ because I’m working with my spirit guides along with the guides of the caller.)

On the Air Since: 3/14/2015

When to Watch: 5pm Second and Fourth Thursdays each month on Channel 76 (LIVE) and 7:30pm Saturdays on Channel 29 (re-runs)