Operations Manager

Sara Pedersen


Sara Pedersen is BAVC Media’s Operations Manager, responsible for supporting all of the organization’s departments through general facility and operations oversight. She works with the Finance team to facilitate incoming and outgoing payments and helps manage office operations and procedures.

Sara has been a part of BAVC Media since early 2019, having previously had an eclectic career in the tech, retail, and hospitality industries, including a stint as a vintage clothing shop owner. Originally from the Midwest, she has called the Bay Area home since 2005.

Sara has been a vinyl DJ for over 20 years and has a voluminous collection of analog media. She has recorded and toured as a musician with artists on the K Records label and currently records and performs as Seventh Seals in collaboration with her partner.

When not at work, Sara enjoys spending time with her cats, Conway and Loretta, visiting hot springs, and making tasty vegan food.