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Animation Instructor

Valentina Miranda Di Castri

Valentina Miranda Di Castri (pronounced vah-len-chee-nah) is a Brazilian experimental animator and poet based in Oakland, California.  She graduated from California College of the Arts in the Spring of 2020, with a major in animation and a minor in writing.  She has completed eight short films and participated in exhibitions such as Resisting Incarceration Culture: Art as Survival and Experimental Megathon Animation Festival at CCA and BAMPFA Student Committee Film Festival.  Her work centers around personal and collective memory, the poetry of happenstance, and revisiting histories,  juxtaposing external situations (interpersonal relationships, political context) with the internal conflicts and emotional responses they inspire/trigger.  She is particularly interested in national/ethnic identities and how they shift depending on where we are in the world, as well as how they intersect with other identities.