SF Commons and the San Francisco Veteran Affairs Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery Center have partnered up to develop digital storytelling workshop focused on mental health recovery. Through a sequence of workshops, veterans will be offered an opportunity to learn the basics of digital storytelling and media production to share their experiences and find a voice in the local community.  In the process, veterans will learn essential media technology skills, including ethical storytelling and journalistic practice, video production and postproduction, Internet and cable television distribution methods, and live television production. The digital storytelling workshop will turn participants' ideas into effective digital stories that include veteran-oriented content.

Through the support of California Humanities, BAVC Media offered a series of digital storytelling workshops – SF Stories.  SF veterans created digital video and audio stories about their experiences.

Digital Stories: 

Audio Stories: 

SF Commons will also create a digital video documenting the educational training process for Veterans. The film will also focus on the positive effects of the project, namely improving community integration and mental health recovery for participating Veterans.