QCTools (Quality Control Tools for Video Preservation) is free, open ­source software developed by BAVC Media

In collaboration with Dave Rice and the Dance Heritage Coalition. It offers conservators and archivists new tools to enable the inspection of video signal characteristics for batches of digital media, in order to prioritize archival quality control, detect common errors in digitization, facilitate targeted response, and thus increase trust in video digitization efforts. 

Version 1.2 available for download, along with a new command-line companion for efficiently generating QCTools reports. 

Mac (gui | cli)

Windows (gui | 32-bit cli | 64-bit cli

Ubuntu Linux (gui | cli)

Source Code: 
https://github.com/BAVC Media/qctools/archive/v1.2.zip

User Documentation (gui | cli)

To download other versions, or the latest build (between releases), visit: