Apprenticeship focuses on increasing diversity specifically targeting underrepresented groups in the tech sector — from minorities, women, disabled individuals, and veterans. The candidates bring a wide range of backgrounds and experiences to help them make the leap to tech careers.

TechSF Diversity Statistics

Pre-Screened Talent

We recruit candidates who demonstrate aptitude for tech occupations. BAVC Media staff pre-screen highly ranked candidates via phone and in-person before bringing the best to your company for interview. Companies choose their apprentices based on aptitude and cultural fit.


More than 90% of apprentices remain employed after completing their programs.*

Cost Saving Benefits

Registered apprentice salaries are on average below market rate. You’ll save on recruitment costs and benefit from higher rates of retention and productivity.

Get Reimbursed

Your company is also eligible for a $2,500 administrative reimbursement per apprentice for costs related to hosting (see page x for more information).


BAVC Media handles all DOL registration and reporting so you don’t have to. You simply assign someone from your company to supervise the apprentice who has been in a similar job for at least two years. BAVC Media will gather periodic feedback from your company and manager to monitor progress and satisfaction.

*2015 U.S. Department of Labor Study