How can we start the process of getting our first apprentice?

Contact Patrick Mitchell ( or Tasha Russman ( to start the process. We’ll walk you through how this works, which positions would add the most value to your company, and answer any questions.

What training will the apprentice receive?

The apprentice learns from both the employer and external classes. TechSF helps you identify and support an internal mentor, and curates external trainings through best-in-class training partners like Galvanize, General Assembly, and more. Specific trainings vary by role.

Can we use our company’s current training providers?

Absolutely! This program is customizable to plug into your existing Learning & Development programs. Your company’s onboarding training can even count towards the related instruction portion.You may also use online platforms like LinkedIn Learning (formerly, Coursera, Udemy, etc. Even your new employee orientations can count towards the on-the-job learning portion.

Are employers required to hire their apprentices?

No. After the rigorous screening process, relationships and learnings built between mentors and apprentices, and value added to the company, most employers choose to hire their apprentices, and forgo the costs of a new search. However, employers are under no obligation to hire their apprentice upon completion of the program.

Do I get to interview the apprentice candidates?

You bet! Your TechSF Team will send you at least three applicants for each position sourced from the TechSF Training Provider Network. For a sampling of profiles, please visit:

How long is an apprenticeship?

The typical apprenticeship lasts 6-12 months depending on how long it takes for the apprentice to get good at the specific skills needed for the job (we measure this with the help of the mentor your company assigns). The time required can also vary depending on the skill level the apprentice enters with.

Do we have to fill out any paperwork?

The paperwork is minimal and your TechSF Team contact will help you fill in most of it. All you have to do is review and sign!

Does the DOL audit my company?

No. The TechSF Team works directly with the DOL on your behalf. A DOL audit would never occur at your company. We may from time to time ask for our participating companies to offer testimonials to provide in our grant reporting, but we would always ask for your permission for inclusion first.

How much reporting is required from our team?

Very minimal reporting is required for this program. We will periodically send you and the apprentice a brief survey to check in with the express purpose of monitoring feedback for the overall program. You are not required to submit any reporting to the DOL directly. Each apprentice will be assigned a career counselor to aid them in completing their technical training and serve as an additional mentor.

When the apprenticeship is completed, we will simply ask you to confirm the final wage increase and amount of the increase.

Do I have to pay wages for technical training outside of business hours?

You are not required to pay wages during technical training unless you are currently engaged in an ETP contract. Your BAVC Media contact can help you navigate the process either way.

How much will we need to budget?

Typically, an employer will pay an apprentice 60% of the average salary for an entry-level equivalent of the role, increasing to 70% after 6 months. TechSF provides each company with $2,500 for each new apprenticeship to o set the cost of mentoring and other administrative expenses.