One-Stop Career Centers provide integrated services and solutions to individuals throughout their careers for a lifetime of gainful employment. One-Stop Career Centers draw from a vast array of community resources to make a multitude of services available in addressing employment challenges. That’s the official Dept of Labor explanation.

What it means for folks who have been laid off or meet certain low-income thresholds is that they can leverage the services of a One-Stop Career Center to receive free training and job search assistance. Oftentimes this is where you’ll receive Unemployment Insurance benefits from or where you can get access to training stipends. The process is fairly bureaucratic but lots of people find it helpful in changing or updating their job skills. Here’s a list of one-stop agencies in San Francisco. And here’s the California State CalJOBS portal.

Other Bay Area one-stop centers include:

Don’t live in the SF Bay Area? No problem. If you are a California resident–and are eligible for services–you can get a training stipend to earn a Certificate at BAVC. Just do an internet search for the name of your county and the phrase “one-stop”.

Here’s how it works

  1. Check-in virtually with a one-stop agency (a career center that leverages federal WIOA funding for out-of-work job seekers – check the CalJOBS site for more info)
  2. Let them know you want to earn a BAVC Media Certificate listed on the “CalJOBS Eligible TrainingProvider List”
  3. Complete all the activities the one-stop wants you to do
  4. Virtually meet with BAVC Media’s Advanced Training Manager. Click here to book a session→
  5. Create an educational plan with our help
  6. Start training online on a date that works for you
  7. Take advantage of BAVC Media’s career workshops and career assistance
  8. Get hired!