Next Gen

Don’t just consume media, make it.

Learn how to tell your own story through video, audio, or animation using high-quality equipment and software in a supportive, collaborative environment.

If you are between the ages 14-17, you are eligible to join Next Gen, BAVC Media’s FREE after school youth program. Please note that all youth programming is currently held in person in San Francisco!

Each Next Gen class is led by a teaching artist and provides foundational skills in a specific media-making domain. Classes meet twice a week, with a focus on hands-on practice and application of new techniques. Classes also include career development workshops and opportunities. At the end of each program semester, all classes convene for a collective screening/premiere and community celebration.

Students who complete all requirements of the program will receive a $250 incentive! Requirements include a minimum attendance rate and completion of all major capstone projects.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis through September 22. Seats are limited, as class sizes are capped at 10-20 students, depending on the program, so apply now! All applications will be reviewed by our instructing team, and applicants will hear back within two weeks of applying.

Available Classes

Factory (Video Production)

Through storytelling techniques using DSLR cameras, creative cinematography techniques, unsynced audio, and more advanced post-production, participant filmmakers will create a range of projects, from fiction to non-fiction documentaries, music videos, experimental pieces and public service announcements. Filmmakers are encouraged to explore topics important to them and their communities while also making videos that touch on issues of social justice.

  • KQED, 2601 Mariposa Street, San Francisco
  • Tuesday & Thursday, 4:30-6:30pm (2 semesters)


Participants with an interest in visual art and animation will learn essential techniques for studying and creating motion. Explore a number of different techniques that range from traditional frame animation to experimental styles and stop-motion. Then bring your imagination to life through individual projects and collaborative exercises. No animation experience required!

  • KQED, 2601 Mariposa Street, San Francisco
  • Tuesday & Thursday, 4:30-6:30pm (1 semester)

SNAP! (Storytelling and Narrative Audio Production)

In this introductory level course students will develop foundational skills in audio production by creating podcasts. Students will explore introductory techniques for creating sound mixes and original podcast content. Through hands-on labs, students will use microphones, mic technique, multitrack mixdowns, and basic composition of soundtrack music. Students will apply these skills to the creation of original sound designs both to accompany film/video and as standalone podcast-format pieces.

  • 9th St Independent Film Center, 145 9th St., San Francisco
  • Monday & Wednesday, 4:30-6:30pm (1 semester)

A note about course lengths

Factory (Live Video Production) is a year-long program. Students who enroll in the fall are expected to complete both semesters of the program. Students will earn a separate $250 incentive for each semester they complete. Animation and SNAP are both single semester programs. Students who enroll in either class in the fall are encouraged to take another semester-long class in the Spring.

  • Fall Semester: September 26 – December 14
  • Spring Semester: January 16 – April 25

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