Helping young media makers tell their own stories.

Don’t just consume media, make it.

Learn how to tell your own story through video, music, animation, game design and coding using high-quality equipment and software in a supportive, collaborative environment. If you are between the ages 14-17, you are eligible to join Next Gen, BAVC Media’s FREE after school youth program – winner of the 2017 San Francisco Magazine Best After School Program and the 2016 National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Awards.  Please note that all youth programming is currently virtual! 

Fall semester: September 21, 2021 – December 17, 2021

We are currently accepting applications to our Fall 2021 Program!  Students will be accepted on a rolling basis through the beginning of September.

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Meet The Next Gen Instructors

Youth Audio Production: BUMP Records

Tuesdays and Thursdays – 4:30-6:30PM

Learn audio engineering, digital recording and mixing techniques. In BUMP you will develop your own music and audio-storytelling projects for BAVC Media’s in-house record label, BUMP Records, and get hands-on experience in producing, packaging, and promoting the recordings. Express yourself, tell your story, and revolutionize the game! No previous experience is required. Youth interested in music, rap, hip-hop, beats, songwriting, and performing are encouraged to apply.

BUMP Record’s Bandcamp | BUMP Record’s Youtube


Game Code Design

Tuesdays and Thursdays – 2:30-4:30PM

Starting with 2D games and the basic building blocks of code; then moving into web design, sound, and interactive coding, and finally, working as a mock game design studio, you will create 3D and Virtual Reality games with complex character design and advanced programming. Learn about persons of color and women who contributed to history of computers, and discuss current events in programming and gaming that are relevant to social justice. No programming, design or gaming experience is required. Youth interested in graphic design and animation, coding, and puzzles are encouraged to take this course.


Youth Video Production: The Factory

Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:30-6:30PM

Through advanced storytelling techniques using DSLR cameras, creative cinematography techniques, unsynced audio, and more advanced post-production, participant filmmakers will create fiction, non-fiction documentaries, music videos, experiment pieces and public service announcements. Filmmakers are encouraged to explore issues important to them while also making videos that touch on issues of social justice. The Factory is a prestigious program that began in 2002 but got the name in 2006 when BAVC Media merged with Youth Sounds.

The Factory on Tumblr



Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:30-6:30PM

Participants with an interest in visual art and animation will learn essential techniques for studying and creating motion. Explore a number of different techniques that range from traditional frame animation, to modern applications in motion graphics and video game sprites. Then bring your imagination to life through individual projects and collaborative exercises.

Recommended experience: Past experience with drawing and sketching is helpful but not required. An interest in animation, motion-graphics, or 2D games is required.