Project MASH Curriculum

Next Gen designed two pieces of curriculum around media production and remix literacy for the Pearson Foundation’s Project MASH, a social learning network that challenges teachers and students to find new ways to design, create, play and explore. Project MASH bridges the divide between learning in and out of school, from making and tinkering in the classroom to citizen science in the backyard, from design thinking challenges to contests in creative expression. This curriculum provides an opportunity for users to familiarize themselves with some of the basic visual techniques and vocabulary that professional Directors of Photography use on film sets.

This curriculum presents an opportunity to critique popular culture in visually dynamic ways through the use of open source online web-video editing software.

BUMP Beats Curriculum

The BUMP Beats curriculum is designed to immerse students in the techniques of modern computer-based music production. This 18-week course guides students through the process of composing original instrumental music using Propellerhead’s Reason software program. Throughout the course, students learn fundamental musical concepts, including rhythm and melody, basic music theory (scales), and song structure. These concepts are introduced progressively throughout the term in conjunction with the introduction of the various instruments and tools in Reason. All lessons are designed to provide a maximum amount of hands-on learning, supplemented by short lectures and class discussions. By the end of the term, students are able to produce full-length songs in a basic pop-song structure. In addition to providing technical training, lessons challenge students to think critically about music and other forms of media, using relevant contemporary examples for reference.

Digital Pathways Video Curriculum

BAVC Media’s Digital Pathways Video Curriculum is designed to introduce the tools of media production and analysis through creative and socially relevant visual storytelling. Through the creation of two video stories, students complete every phase of filmmaking: storyboarding, directing, shooting, and editing on Final Cut Pro. Our goal is to nurture the talents, skills, and development of young people, and we respect the experience and perspective that each young person brings to the program.