QCTools 0.8.0 Released with New Command Line Features

Published On: April 18, 2017 |

San Francisco, CA  – Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC Media) is excited to announce the launch of a brand new version of QCTools, the popular open-source quality control application used by media archivists around the globe. QCTools 0.8.0 includes a smorgasbord of new features that assist and educate media professionals as they analyze their tape-to-file transfers. 

A highlight of this release is qcli, a simple but effective program that allows users to generate QCTools reports directly from the command line. qcli is a precursor to the anticipated SignalServer web application, slated for release Summer 2017. 

Other 0.8.0 Features Include: 

  • Phasemeter filters that quantify audio phase direction and channel configuration
  • Brand new video playback filters (Datascope, CIE Scope, 10-column Bit Plane)
  • Enhanced video playback filters (Chroma offset features in Chroma Adjust)
  • New graphs for identifying errors in frame rate and frame size
  • More Help documentation, and now in Markdown; easier to read, navigate, and contribute to
  • Enhanced QCTools XML reports that include stream and format metadata
  • Homebrew installation 
  • Integration with the forthcoming web application SignalServer

In addition to these enhancements, QCTools 0.8.0 has also been optimized for a more reliable performance. The new QCTools is bigger, stronger, smarter, faster, AND more fun. 

The continued developed of QCTools is thanks in part to generous financial support provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Knight Foundation, and also an international team of invested individuals in the audiovisual archiving community. Users of all stripes are welcome to contribute to the advancement of QCTools through our active Github site.