How did you first hear about BAVC Media?  

I had friends who were very active in the Bay Area Documentary Film Community. While I was on a visit from LA they took me to a party at BAVC Media in 2004.

Tell us your BAVC Media story. 

I was a Feature Film Editor in Hollywood for 30 years, but when I moved to the Bay Area in 2005 I decided to leave the Entertainment Business. However, it is hard to stay away from one’s passions, and in 2010 I decided to make a documentary on Cuban music. I joined BAVC Media as a producer in order to be connected to a community of filmmakers. BAVC Media was a great resource for meeting people and keeping up to date on new technologies.

Later in 2016 I made the decision to go back to work as an editor. A friend of mine, who worked as a Production Designer, had been through the Tech SF program in order to shift her focus onto digital design. She spoke highly of the program; so I applied. Tech SF accepted my application and I started the program immediately. This has been a remarkable experience!

Not only am I being trained in state of the art digital technology but I am benefiting tremendously from the career counseling and job search skills that are offered. With the encouragement of my career counselor I have been reaching out to editors and producers in the Bay Area. After several informational interviews I am now working with Jim McSilver of Oakland Originals, a community based organization that creates documentaries spotlighting artists, musicians and thinkers who have made Oakland a unique and Original city.  I am creating new video content to refresh and expand their website.

My next steps are to complete the certificate, rebuild my portfolio and be fully engaged as a free-lance video editor in the Bay Area. Thank you BAVC Media for helping me to design my future!
Why do you think others should get involved at BAVC Media?  

BAVC Media is a tremendous resource for anyone interested in film or the digital world in the Bay Area. They offer training and an active community of professionals for all ages and skill levels.

Claudia’s Portfolio

The Cuban Music Project