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Uncharted: Teens Document Living Through COVID-19 

Uncharted will engage a diverse cross-section of Bay Area teens between the ages of 14-18 to document, reflect upon and share their experiences about living through the COVID-19 crisis in California. Young people are one of the populations feeling the brunt of this crisis through school closures, shelter-in-place mandates, job loss and other economic threats, food insecurity and other stresses. 

Some of the themes and questions that we expect youth to focus on include acknowledging emotional ups and downs; grasping time in a new way; experiencing and/or observing sickness; losing independence; having to change behaviors for others’ safety; missing your friends/peers; missing your romantic partner/love interest; finding resiliency through in-home and digital social connections, art (writing poetry, journaling, making beats, reading literature, film, etc.), and reflections on history; finding a new balance for school work; and reflecting on how the COVID-19 crisis is changing young people individually, and our society at large.


Phase 1:

We are asking Bay Area teens, 14 to 18, to record a video diary documenting their personal “shelter-in-place” journey. We will provide them with quick, user friendly (and free!) online tips and training from BAVC experts to assist with framing, lighting, video recording, storytelling and more. You don’t have to consider yourself a filmmaker to participate! We’re asking for 2 video diaries per week for 3 weeks – max 5 minutes per video – all filmmed horizontally on any available technology (smart phones, computers, tablets, etc).

Phase 2:

We hope to get 50 total submissions from 50 diverse Bay Area teens. At the end, we will select 10 diaries to edit into a short documentary film. These 10 youth filmmakers will get the chance to produce their video diaries into a short film in collaboration with a professional editor, and receive a $250 stipend upon completion. 



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For additional questions/concerns, e-mail submissions@bavc.org