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Emmanuel D McCarter

Success Story
March 15, 2017
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BAVC's Bump Records Student: Emmanuel

How did you first hear about BAVC?  

From a google search.

Tell us your BAVC story. 

This program has always been a family to me. From Arya, to Ian Davis, or Chris Runde they've always showed support and belief in our capabilities. From learning graphic design, to audio, or studio workflow, this all helped me in my career. I started in the Audio Next Gen. program when I was in the 10th Grade and did Bump, the advanced track, for the following 2 years until my senior year of school. This program gave me the opportunity to do things after school, learn the how to record in a professional space, and use the program Pro Tools. Being around students who had the same interest as me, and just having people to talk to at the program really had a profound impact on me.

Why do you think others should get involved at BAVC?  

Because it's giving youth the opportunity to thrive at what they want to do, and the staff really cares about making change.

What program were involved with at BAVC? 

BUMP Records

Long Live Love