How did you first hear about BAVC Media?  

My mom saw the link on School Loop.

Tell us your BAVC Media story. 

I’ve always been interested in visual arts, whether that be cartoons, graphic design, or video; so when my mom stumbled upon BAVC Media’s link on School Loop, I immediately applied. BAVC Media’s The Factory provided me with tools that will benefit my future career. We did basic stuff like professionalism and creating online portfolios as well as learning various units of filmmaking like sound design and cinematography. Looking back at it, The Factory really prepared me for film school. Because I already know all the film set roles and because the instructors pushed us to learn things like operating a Zoom, I got to experiment and broaden my knowledge on production and now I feel a lot more confident and comfortable in my creative skills and the work I can provide.

Aside from career skills, I also learned a lot about society and myself as a person. BAVC Media provided a safe community where I could explore social justice issues without feeling judged. As a person that is not white, straight, or male, it is scary to realize that you have a lot of disadvantages in life, but BAVC Media created a space where we could talk about these issues in an approachable way.

I consider BAVC Media the catalyst for my journey as a both a filmmaker and as a person. Thanks to BAVC Media, I have a lot of clarity on my career goals and life values. Even though I am no longer in BAVC Media, I still enjoy learning and growing. Right now I attend film school at Emerson College, but I would definitely come back to BAVC Media in the future.

Why do you think others should get involved at BAVC Media?

I mean why not? It’s free and it’s like a pre-film school. In addition, you meet all kinds of people from around the Bay Area (looking back at my life, I realized that I was in a very segregated bubble of Chinese San Franciscans living in the Sunset District.) Also, you become more aware of issues that still affect our society today.

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