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Membership FAQs

How do I renew my membership?

You may renew your membership online using your credit card or a Paypal account, in person at our office located at 2727 Mariposa Street Suite 200, by mailing a check along with your up-to-date contact information, or by calling the Receptionist at (415) 861-3282 (press 0 for the front desk). We accept cash, check or most major credit cards.

If you are renewing online, choose the level you'd like to renew at and go through the registration process normally - it's exactly the same whether you are a new or renewing member. If you are a renewing member who has already created a BAVC online account, log in to your account first (by clicking "Log In" at the top of the page) and you'll be redirected straight to the payment screen. If you've forgotten your username or password, we can retrieve them for you, just email

Low income Mediamaker and Youth Mediamaker-level members must renew in person or over the phone/email in order to provide the necessary documentation.

Where is BAVC located?

BAVC is located on the second floor of 2727 Mariposa St. (at Bryant St.) in San Francisco, California.


How do I sign up for a low income membership?

We use the same Proof of Low Income Status documentation requirements as the City and County of San Francisco, and offer a $10/year annual Mediamaker membership for low income community members. Documents that you may present include: 

  • Your last available tax return (showing that you earn less than $23,750/year)

or proof of enrollment in one of the following:

  • Food stamps
  • Healthy San Francisco
  • Medi-Cal
  • CalWORKS
  • Section 8 housing
  • a free and reduced school lunch program
  • the MUNI Lifeline program
  • Social Security

To sign up for this special membership rate, you may submit Proof of Low Income via email by sending a scanned .pdf version of your documentation to membership[at] After your documentation has been received and confirmed you will be contacted by BAVC Membership to process the payment over the phone. 

Alternatively, you may make the payment by cash, credit card or check in person.


How do I sign up for a youth membership?

Youth Mediamaker memberships are available for 14-26 year-olds. To provide proof of age, please email a scanned copy of some form of government-issued ID to Then, please call the Receptionist at (415) 558-2103 with your debit ot credit card information to process the payment. 

Alternatively, you may make the payment by cash or check at our office.

Where is my membership card?

We are not currently providing membership cards to new or current members. If you need evidence of a BAVC Membership, please email

What kind of a discount does a member get on classes?

All members receive discounts on classes. For example, on a one-day class a member saves $50 (nearly pays for the membership!). On a two-day class a member saves $80-$90 on each and every class. On our Portfolio Development class a member saves $140 bucks! Holy cow! And on our DSLR Bootcamp a member saves $220. That's like a slush fund for your next gear purchase. 

Where can I find more information about classes? How can I sign up for classes?

To find out about the classes we offer and to sign up, visit our class directory.

Who can help me figure out what classes to take?

Not sure if you should be in intro or intermediate? Or just have questions about classes? Please contact our Enrollment Manager at

Can I record my podcast at BAVC?

Yes! Just fill out this form to get started. 

I can't remember my password. How do I log in on the website?

For a new temporary password or to change your username, please call or email the Webmaster.   

How can I check out equipment?

Rental equipment is only available to SF Commons Producers for check out. If you are both a BAVC member and a resident of the City of San Francisco, you are eligible to use this equipment to produce a show for the SF Commons Public Access channel. Additional services available to SF Commons Producers include: production & post-production training, drop-in editing stations in the Access Lab, Live Studio trainings and reservations, and ongoing workshop and group production opportunities. For more information, visit SF Commons.

How can I submit my show?

For information about SF Commons and to submit your show, contact Javan Jiles, SF Commons Equipment Coordinator, at javan[at]bavc[dot]org or call 415.558.2125.

How can I get a discount with Adobe?

Please note that only members who are also currently BAVC students are eligible for a discount on Adobe products. Please contact membership at for a letter certifying that you are a student at BAVC. You can then contact Adobe directly requesting a discount. For more information, please read Adobe's student software discount page.

How can I get a discount with Apple?

As a BAVC member, you are eligible for the standard educational discount on Apple products purchased through BAVC’s online Apple store.

Which local businesses offer discounts to BAVC Members?

BAVC is pleased to partner with the following companies to offer discounts to our members. Visit any of these locations and receive a discount on services rendered on products and/or services purchase. Be sure to mention your BAVC membership prior to purchase (you will be required to show proof of membership).


  • Berke Sound, one of the Bay Areas’ most experienced audio post-production facilities, digital workstations, offering sound design, effects, DVD authoring and other services. Discounts granted on a per-project basis; members should call the facility directly for a consultation and estimate. 
    • 50 Mendell St., #11 San Francisco, CA 94124. Phone: 415.285.8800
  • Polarity Post Production offers 10% off all professional audio services. Audio post-production, recording studios, digital audio production, mastering and replication. Please note that this discount does not apply to localization projects.
    • 69 Green St. San Francisco, CA 94114. Phone: 415.421.6622


  • 10% off duplications at Express Media (See above for contact information).
  • 10-20% off select products and services at MST Productions, including video format transfers, video encoding and compression, DVD and Blu-ray Disc Authoring, disc duplication replication and media packaging.
    • 5000 Executive Parkway, Suite 425 San Ramon, CA 94583.


  • 10% off in-house rentals at Express Media. (See above for contact information).
  • 10% off at Borrow Lenses, the largest video and photography equipment rental company in the US. Discount available to use for one purchase only. All products are individually cleaned and specifications checked and recalibrated by expert photographer aficionados. All rentals are sent with Fed Ex ensuring your rentals arrive on time. Order online here.


  • 20% off all lighting rentals and purchases at Little Giant Lighting & Grip Co.
    • 3050 23rd St. [Entrance is on Treat St.] San Francisco, CA 94110. Phone: 451.626.3555


  • 10% off at JCX Expendables. Their motto: "Use 'Em, Abuse 'Em...they're not flesh and blood."
    • 2413 Harrison St. San Francisco, CA 94110. Phone: 415.824.1371


  • 10% off costume rentals at the American Conservatory Theater, an award-winning company where you will find perfect costumes for your project.
    • Phone: 415.439.2379


  • Oddball Film and Video has amazing collection of eclectic and rare footage to add depth to your project. Discounts on selected services and footage to be determined on a per-project basis. Please call Oddball and ask to speak with Robert Chehoski. 
    • 275 Capp Street San Francisco, CA 94110. Phone: 415.558.8112


  • 5% off rentals at City-Rent-A-Car. If you are coming to the Bay Area and need a car.
    • 1433 Bush St. San Francisco, CA 94109. Phone: 415.359.1331


  • 25% off DaVinci Color Correction Services with Pedersen Media Group. Utilize the DaVinci Color Correction Edit Suite for all of your finishing needs. Additional discounts on select services determined on a per project basis. 
    • 501 Second Street, Suite 212, San Francisco, CA 94107. Phone: 415.512.7394

Still have more questions about Member discounts? Contact

Can I use your computers?

As a BAVC member, you have access to computers with video editing software in the Access Lab for up to 8 hours a month. To make a reservation, contact

Can I use BAVC for a meeting or as a work space?

As a BAVC member at the Producer’s Bundle level, you have access to our Multipurpose meeting and screening room for up to 4 hours a month. To make a reservation, please fill out this form and contact membership[at] We'll get back to you as soon as possible to let you know if the room is available.


Can you connect me with a lawyer?

As a BAVC member at the Producer’s Bundle level, you may request a 30 minute consultation with an entertainment attorney. To request a consultation, please fill out this form.

If you have any further questions about membership, please contact