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SF Commons is San Francisco’s public access TV station, which has been housed at BAVC since 2009. At SF Commons, any resident or organization can receive free or low-cost training, access to equipment, and studio space to make a show and get their message out there. Check out our producers, shows and schedules below! 

Our local producers create media that matters to them and their communities covering a wide range of issues, topics and interests. Content is broadcast locally on cable channels 29 and 76, and streamed online. Anyone can make a show about anything they want. 

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How Do I Get Started?

Public Access television has a vibrant and storied history in San Francisco. Would you like to contribute your work as an artist, journalist, storyteller, activist, teacher, community member, to public access TV? No show is turned away, and we offer our services to help you develop the skills to create broadcast-ready content. We are always excited to host new faces and voices to support broad and diverse communities in our city to tell their stories. Want to learn more or sign up? There are only 3 requirements: 

Once you sign up for an orientation, you’ll watch a video on your own time, and then join us for a live Q&A session online (or in person if we’re open). 

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That’s it, all you have to do after that is email us a link to your show! Not quite ready to send us a video? After your orientation, we are available to help you start your show and walk you through sending us your video for scheduling on TV. Staff is available to support you with production, editing, and uploading.

For more information, contact Javan Jiles, SF Commons Producer Relations: or 415-558-2125.

Learn more about what you get as a producer by clicking below:

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Whether you have opinions about broadcast quality or content, we want to hear from you.

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Producer Spotlight

Sonny Francisc

You have no idea what a boost it is when someone comes up to you and says they saw you on television.

Sonny Francis

Information for Current Producers

These resources are for current Producers to familiarize themselves with SF Commons Policies and Procedures and get to know each other and their shows better through the Producers Directory.

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