Transmission Episode 02 – June 12, 2015

Segment 1 (1:27)
SOMArts presents the News 
This month hosted by the Queer Cultural Center – The News is a monthly offering of performance featuring new queer work. On the first Tuesday of each month The News casts a spotlight on performance pieces, experiments, debut works, and works in progress by pre-selected solo artists, groups, or troupes. Acts featured –

Jezebel Delilah X from Peacock Rebellion’s Brouhaha and the Congregation of Liberation presents Black Don’t Crack: Black Don’t Crack is a multi-media musical that will affirm the healing and liberation that happens when queer black people connect through art, love and the intentional development of community.

(10:32)“Stars Out” by Lisa Ganser is a song by ganser/lamm (the musical duo of Lisa Ganser and Nomy Lamm) and is performed live vocally by Ganser. “Stars Out” is a meditative reflection about the trauma that happens when the people we trust abuse their power. It is about surviving. It is a healing circle for those who have lost Loved Ones to police violence. This song is dedicated to Kat Espinosa and Mesha Irizarry, while verses are sung directly to their sons Asa Sullivan and Idriss Stelley.

Segment 2 (16:35)
BAVC Media's The Factory: presenting films produced by Bay Area youth. 
Youth Voices – by Sydney Paige Matterson
LYRIC – by Julia Retzlaff, Takai Ginwright and Jasmine Ehrhardt

Segment 3 (30:59)
SF Stories 
With support from the James Irvine Foundation's Exploring Engagement Fund, BAVC Media collaborated with CASC and RSN to provide storytelling workshops to San Francisco-based individuals who might not otherwise have the opportunity to tell their personal, important stories. The workshops, called SF Stories: A Shared Experience, teach participants the technical and creative tools for creating a digital story on their own from start to finish.

Segment 4 (38:10)
Quiet Lightning presents Chemical Wedding
Chemical Romances a bimonthly collaboration between Quiet Lightning, Name Drop Swamp Records, and The Emerald Tablet. Performances include inter-medium collaborations with poetry, essays, live music and visual art.Featuring San Francisco’s Poet Laureate Alejandro Murguia reading on April 12 2015 at 50 Mason Social House.

Segment 5 (51:59)
Peter Bullen reading original work as part of Quiet Lightning at 50 Mason Social House on February 3rd, 2014.