TRANSMISSION Episode 3 Program List – July 2015

Women Heard Around the Bay 
This month we’re featuring an all-star cast of female poets, musicians, storytellers, comedians and performers from around the Bay Area. 

Segment 1 (1:05)
SF Stories 
With support from the James Irvine Foundation's Exploring Engagement Fund, BAVC Media collaborated with Recovery Survival Network to provide storytelling workshops to San Francisco-based individuals who might not otherwise have the opportunity to tell their personal, important stories. The workshops, called SF Stories: A Shared Experience, teach participants the technical and creative tools for creating a digital story on their own from start to finish.

Here is a collection of stories from three women who are currently incarcerated at the San Francisco County Jail.

Segment 2 (10:49)
BAVC Media's The Factory: presenting films produced by Bay Area youth. 

Dreams music video by DayDay. Directed by Marielle Boland and Julia Retzlaff.
STOP Street Harassment a collaboration with iHollaback. Directed by Julia Retzlaff.
Wanna Know by Marika Stuurman. Directed by Elizabeth Hewlett and Walden Smith.

Segment 3 (23:46)
Adobe Books and Arts Cooperative presents poet Maw Shein Wen reading original works on June 6, 2014.

Segment 4 (33:51)
Quiet Lightning presents Chemical Wedding
Chemical Wedding is a bimonthly collaboration between Quiet Lightning, Name Drop Swamp Records, and The Emerald Tablet. Performances include inter-medium collaborations with poetry, essays, live music and visual art. 
This months show features touring musician Luz Elena Mendoza from the Portland, Oregon band Y La Bamba.

Segment 5 (41:25)
SOMArts presents the News 
This month hosted by the Queer Cultural Center – The News is a monthly offering of performance featuring new queer work. On the first Tuesday of each month The News casts a spotlight on performance pieces, experiments, debut works, and works in progress by pre-selected solo artists, groups, or troupes. 

Cassandra Falby is a West Indian American genderqueer femme from the Midwest who now calls the Bay Area home. Her commitment to gender freedom and identity awareness includes her participation in the Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project and being one of the founding members of the Femme Collective.