TRANSMISSION Episode 5 Program List  – September 2015

Radical Thinkers, Shakers and Movers part 2
Featuring a dynamic range of locals including artists, activists, young authors, musicians and poets from all around the Bay Area.

Segment 1  (1:08)
Beyond the Blues: Ending the Prison Industrial Complex
Led by composer, bassist, and bandleader, Marcus Shelby, the series explores the prison industrial complex, restorative justice, prison abolition, the death penalty, the school-to-prison pipeline, mass incarceration, and more. 

This evening features Matt Haney from the San Francisco Board of Education and filmmaker Kevin Epps. The discussion topic is in reaction to the Bay Area’s need for educational reform when dealing with the school to prison pipeline. These on-going discussions are open to anyone interested in ending the prison industrial complex and how music and art can be used as a powerful vehicle in that process. 

Music and poetry follow the discussion featuring local artists Jackie Ramos, Naima Shalhoub and Jeff Turner.

Segment 2 (23:43)
SOMArts presents: Artists on Alternative Spaces
In conjunction with SOMArts latest exhibition Making a Scene, Preston Curley provides a collection of Bay Area artist testimonies voicing the need for artist-run alternative spaces in San Francisco. Making a Scene includes a direct call-to-action that invites the Bay Area to contribute to the collective memory of the region’s spaces by transforming the exhibition into an incubator for exploration, discovery and contribution.

Segment 3 (41:41)
826 Valencia presents a Young Authors Workshop
826 Valencia is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting under-resourced students ages six to eighteen with their creative and expository writing skills and to helping teachers inspire their students to write.  Each summer, 826 Valencia hosts its annual Young Authors’ Workshop, a two-week intensive writing camp for Bay Area high school students. Here is an excerpt where participants read the work they’re most proud of in front of friends and family.