TRANSMISSION Episode 4  –  August 2015

Radical Thinkers, Shakers and Movers

This month we’re featuring a dynamic range that includes legendary iconic activists to young authors, comedians and skaters from all around the Bay Area. 

Segment 1  (1:05)
Emory Douglas – Minister of Culture for the Black Panthers presenting his work to the Bridges Fellowship at BAVC Media.
Emory Douglas served as the Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party creating graphics and illustrations that became iconic for their portrayal of black America in the 1960's and
1970's.  Emory still creates art and promotes activism across the world and he engages with future 
generations asking them to do the same. Here is an excerpt of Emory speaking to the power of activism through art, social justice and providing local community-based public health. 

Segment 2 (15:04)
826 Valencia presents a Young Authors Workshop
826 Valencia is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting under-resourced students ages six 
to eighteen with their creative and expository writing skills and to helping teachers inspire their students to write.  Each summer, 826 Valencia hosts its annual Young Authors’ Workshop, a two-week intensive 
writing camp for Bay Area high school students. Here is an excerpt where participants read the work
they’re most proud of in front of friends and family.

Segment 3  (33:25)
SOMArts presents the News  
This month hosted by the Queer Cultural Center – The News is a monthly offering of performance featuring new queer work. On the first Tuesday of each month The News casts a spotlight on performance pieces, experiments, debut works, and works in progress by pre-selected solo artists, groups, or troupes. 

Genie and Marie Cartier are sisters and San Francisco natives. Their early collaborations consisted of short plays performed in their living room and ambitious amateur films shot with their father’s camcorder. 
Here they perform V-Mobile presents The Call – a hilarious skit scorching the boy-band phenomenon and corporate sponsorship.  Their dance moves alone will blow your mind.

Segment 4 (43:23)
SoMa West Skatepark 
Watch a highlight reel from the tight community of skaters who call this part of the city home followed by two short films on skateboarding by the young filmmakers from Sunset Youth Service’s.

Segment 5 (44:21)
Sunset Youth Services presents Upstar Records
Upstar Records is a youth-run record label and digital arts program run by Sunset Youth Services that uses the power of music, media production, employment, and a tight web of positive community-based relationships to keep systems-involved youth off the streets, out of jail, and engaged in leadership roles. Youth get hands-on experience recording, mixing, mastering, releasing, distributing and promoting their own music and videos. Through project-based learning, youth gain knowledge, skills, and abilities to be successful in their path to a career or continued education.