Segment 1 (1:00)
Black Lives Matter- Black Lives Matter protest at San Francisco’s Civic Center. 

Segment 2 (5:25)
Moving Words- Moving Words is a collaboration between the men in the Resolve to Stop the Violence Project (RSVP), facilitators in the USF Performing Arts and Social Justice Department and the Bay Area Video Coalition – SF Stories. The class was an opportunity to develop and create personal artistic expressions while developing creative material as a group. Featured here is a collection of voices, music, flows, rhythms, movement and writing. With support provided by the San Francisco Arts Commission.

Segment 3 (16:58)
BAVC Media's The Factory: presenting films produced by Bay Area youth. For over 10 years the Factory has provided Bay Area youth with an after school program to hone their in advanced video production.The program emphasizes creative and political expression through a strong visual style, and promotes collaboration between Bay Area youth and the local community. Films featured in this episode Graffiti is Beauty and A Harmonious Cacophony.