Segment 1 (1:27)
Autumn Moon Festival-An annual festival celebrated when the moon is believed to be the biggest and fullest; in order to honor the moon’s symbolic relationship with the important fall harvest. In Chinese culture, a full moon is a symbol of prosperity, happiness, and family reunion. San Francisco's Chinatown holds a  yearly celebration of the 1000-year- old holiday for locals and visitors alike. 

Segment 2 (8:00)
Institute on Aging One Love- Seniors citizens learn to the art of graffiti from LA artist Man One. 

Segment 3 (12:48)
SF Commons Special- Public Access Television serves the city as one of the last spaces on the
cable dial where viewers can find truly local, non-commercial television created by their neighbors. Access is available to any San Francisco resident who wants to engage viewers through video, whether they are artists, journalists, activists or storytellers–an essential component to free expression and engagement at a local level. The Bay Area Video Coalition
has operated SF Commons Public Access TV since 2009. This segment features a short excerpt from the show Let's Talk Sports is an SF Commons TV show produced by Jameel Patterson and Jeremiah Khaleq. In production since 2013, the two producers celebrated their landmark 100th episode in August 2016. Let's Talk Sports is now a weekly talk show with
a diverse rotating cast of local sports fans and analysts, athletes and community activists. The group has gained community visibility by not only welcoming anyone to take part in their panels, but also by honoring local youth athletes and recording video and sideline reports at high school sporting events.  

Segment 4 (18:36)
BAVC Media's The Factory: presenting films produced by Bay Area youth. For over 10 years the Factory has provided Bay Area youth with an after school program to hone their in advanced video production.The program emphasizes creative and political expression through a strong visual style, and promotes collaboration between Bay Area youth and the local community. Films featured in this episode For The Next Generation and Garden for the Future.