How did you first hear about BAVC Media?  

I heard about it through my friend Dwight Burks who is owner/founder of Resolution Workshop.

Tell us your BAVC Media story.

I came to the BAVC Media as a classic hand-drawn animator. I needed to update my skills to keep up with the changing medium and to get new clients. TechSF’s motion graphics certificate provided the foundation I needed to keep expanding my abilities and clientele. I found the teachers, the community and the classes, all to be refreshing and informative. I appreciate the way BAVC Media approaches each individual’s background as I was not as proficient in the technology as I am today.

I stay connected with the people I met at BAVC Media as friends and collaborators. I am always happy to see a BAVC Media member around the city. The community is strong and supportive.

Since receiving the certificate, I have made music videos for Stone’s Throw Records & musicians like Dev and Nef the Pharaoh.

I am currently on a lecture tour discussing the trials and tribulations of being an artist as well as a technical breakdown of my animation process.
Why do you think others should get involved at BAVC Media?  

BAVC Media is a great arena for professional networking opportunities as well as courses that are taught by knowledgeable and working professionals.

Check out Ben’s work! 

Director’s Reel

“The Balance” by Vex Ruffin & Fab 5 Freddy

The Red

Self Portrait