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Recent Graduate Career Services

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You JUST graduated from art/film/design school. You had a 4.0 GPA and $150,000 receipt to show for it. The career counselor at your school helped you get through your program, but didn’t tell you what the real world is like.

NOW what?

Come and meet with a BAVC Career Counselor and we will help you:

  • Develop a specific step by step strategy in going about looking for work opportunities Identify and articulate what industry you are seeking opportunities within
  • Translate your passions into target companies you want to get connected to
  • Lay out a pathway from first job to dream job

Job searching can be like climbing a mountain. Come and meet with your Sherpa and get your pack ready for the ascent.

When you purchase one of our Career Services, you will receive an email notification to schedule an appointment with the counselor.

Days and times Arya is available:

M - F: 11am-1pm, 3-5pm