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Illustrator: Introduction

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Looking to improve and become more professional in your graphic design skills? BAVC's introductory class in Adobe Illustrator will help you to make your best and brightest visual ideas a reality. As a student in this online, intensive class for beginners, you'll learn the skills needed to create eye-catching designs for mobile, web, print and more in the industry's preferred vector graphics software, Adobe Illustrator. Developed in the San Francisco Bay Area and taught by expert instructors, you learn essential skills including:

  • Working with vector shapes
  • Text manipulation
  • Vector-based drawing tools and techniques
  • Using special effects and transparency
  • Brushes settings
  • Color swatches
  • Creating gradients and patterns
  • Managing multiple layers
  • Scale, rotate, flip and transform objects
  • Importing bitmap graphics
  • File formats for output

San Francisco Illustrator: Introduction

Illustrator is one of the most common programs used in graphic design and multimedia. Students come to BAVC’s Illustrator training to learn how to customize images for file formats for output, 2D transformations, importing bitmap graphics.