Unemployed? Get certified! Video Editing, Media Production, Digital Marketing, and other career training!

Recently laid off?

Deductions from your past paychecks could fund your certificate and help you pivot to a new career or level up your skills. You’ve paid for it, so, take advantage of it!

Why BAVC Media?

  • BAVC Media has literally helped thousands of people find work over the last 25 years.
  • In BAVC Media classes you will build community and network with other students from all walks of life.
  • Because of BAVC Media’s employee training program (ETP) employees of Pixar, Disney, Mozilla, Stitch Fix, CBS Interactive, IDEO, and more may be in your classes with you.
  • Our classes are short intensives taught by industry professionals who also happen to be excellent teachers and are dedicated to providing individualized support to students.
  • We actually care about you. BAVC Media is a 44-year old nonprofit media arts center dedicated to leveling the playing field for everyone.
  • At BAVC Media your tuition does not become corporate profit – income from our classes goes directly back into supporting our free programs and community resources.

What’s Available?

FULL – Video Production Certificates, Video Postproduction Certificates, Digital Marketing Certificates

• Tuition ranges just under $5K

• Includes training, soft skills workshops and a career counseling session

• Takes approximately 4-6 months to complete

FAST-TRACK – Digital Marketing Certificates, Video Production Certificates, Video Postproduction Certificates, Motion Graphics Certificates, and Web Design Certificates

• Tuition ranges from $1,710 –  $2,630

• Includes training, soft skills workshops and a career counseling session

• Takes approximately 2-5 months to complete

Let’s Get Started!

  1. Check-in virtually with a one-stop agency (a career center that leverages federal WIOA funding for out-of-work job seekers – check the CalJOBS site for more info)
  2. Let them know you want to earn a BAVC Media Certificate listed on the CalJOBS Eligible TrainingProvider List
  3. Complete all the activities the one-stop wants you to do
  4. Fill out this Certificate inquiry form
  5. Virtually meet with BAVC Media’s Advanced Training Manager
  6. Create an educational plan with BAVC Media’s help
  7. Start training online on a date that works for you
  8. Take advantage of BAVC Media’s career workshops and career counseling
  9. Get hired!

Questions? Email certificates@bavc.org