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Our Team

Mindy Aronoff
Advanced Training Director
Anjalie Aurora Headshot
Marketing & Communications Manager
Headshot of Melanie Ayala, BAVC  & SF Commons, Media Specialist, Summer 2019. MEdiaum closeup of Melanie facing the camera, smiling, wearing a color striped shirt agains a black background. Curly hair, partially pulled back, is almost shoulder length.
Media Specialist
Keith Battle
Advanced Training Manager
Alexandria Bordas headshot
Program Manager
Heidi Cregge Cabra Headshot
Curriculum Developer and Instructor
Karolina Esqueda Headshot
Youth Engagement Specialist
Yasaman Ford Headshot
Program Coordinator and Instructor
Headshot, Jay Gash, BAVC Youth Programs Manager, Summer 2019. Jay wears a summery teal and white striped button down shirt, their long braided hair is half up, the rest falls down out of frame, silver earrings peek out. They smile generously a the camera.
Associate Director of Youth Programs and Creative Producer
BAVC Staff Anita Gay
Professional Pathways & Development Manager
Miriam Hillawi Abraham Next Gen Game-code design Instructor Headshot
Game-code design instructor
Headshot, Javan Jiles, BAVC's SF Commons Studio and Equipment Coordinator, summer 2019. Javan wears a blue patterned button down shirt, smiling enthusiastically, the background reflecting in his glasses. sporting a full beard and a shaved head.
SF Commons Studio and Equipment Coordinator
Co-Director of the BAVC MediaMaker Fellowship, Niema Jordan, Headshot. Niema wears purple lip tint, short cropped hair, and a denim jacket, looking directly into the camera, dark background disappearing behind.
MediaMaker Fellowship Co-Director
Tim Lake is a member of the BAVC Preservation Team. This portrait is taken from above. TIm wears a blue shirt and suit jacket, sits with his hand on one knee in a verdant garden patio, and looks at the camera with a quiet friendly smile.
Preservation Technician
Kathleen Lam is the Finance and Operations Director at BAVC. In this headshot Kathleen is framed from the shoulders up against a blurry warm outdoor backdrop. She wears black oval glasses, a red and blue striped shirt, and a shoulder length bob haircut.
Finance and Operations Director
Animation Instructor
Headshot of Morgan Oscar Morel, BAVC PReservation Manager, Summer 2019. Mid-closeup of Morgan facing the camera wearing a pastel plaid short sleeve button down with a multicolor stone color tie. His hair is wavy and almost chin length.
Preservation Director
Isa Nakazawa, Director of Marketing and Communications at BAVC, leans on an overlook, sweeping view behind her, smiling casually,confidently at the camera she wears a red leather jacket, orange tinted sunglasses, magenta lipstick, hair in a long dark bob.
Director of Marketing and Communications
Grace Patterson Headshot
Operations and Media Producing Associate
Esther Pearl Headshot
Reel Stories Founder and Strategic Advisor
Headshot, Sara Pedersen, BAVC Office Manager, Summer 2019. Sara has straight dark blonde hair, is wearing a silver necklace, and a patterned tee shirt. Her head is slightly tilted as she looks into the camera head on with a quarter smile.
Office Manager
David Quang - BAVC Support Technician
Support Technician
Brittney Rèaume
Manager, Filmmaker Services & Digital Marketing
BAVC MediaMaker Fellowship Co-Creative Director Rodrigo Reyes is an an award-winning documentary filmmaker
MediaMaker Fellowship Co-Director
Factory Instructor + SF Commons Equipment Coordinator
Kailen Sallander, Research and Special Projects Associate at BAVC, smiles broadly wearing large gold glasses, a houndstooth blazer, and long dark hair, against a blue-grey outside wall
Research and Special Projects Associate
Headshot, Anne Smatla, BAVC Preservation Technician, Summer 2019. Anne looks at the camera, half smiling, blonde hair grazing her shoulders. She's framed close up, wearing a black shirt, a silver pendant necklace, and cool red lipstick.
Preservation Technician
Headshot, Paula Smith Arrigoni, BAVC Executive Director, Summer 2019. Paula wears a terracotta blazer and smiles brightly at the camera, head slightly tilted, long wavy hair loose.
Executive Director
Lubna Takruri, BAVC's Senior Production Manager, brings a decade-plus of experience in journalism and television production
Director of Community Media
Joel Tatum - BAVC Tech Manager
Technology Manager
Headshot, Faye Terry, BAVC's Youth Programs Coordinator, Summer 2019. Faye looks just off camera, almost laughing with a big smile, blonde hair in a single loose braid, she wears a plain white tee with a simple brown leather necklace.
Youth Programs Coordinator
Robert Thomas III
BUMP Records Instructor
Vera Tykulsker headshot
Development Manager
Dawn Valadez
Director of Youth and Emerging Maker Programs
Nanami Yokota Headshot
Youth Programs Intern